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The Mira app allows you to personalise searches | Photo source Mira

Mira launches AI-powered search engine for beauty products

Fashion & Beauty

The online platform aims to become the Google of cosmetics, using AI to analyse product reviews and turn them into easy-to-understand descriptions

Spotted: US-based company, Mira, uses AI to help you find the perfect beauty product. The search engine makes it easier to research and compare retail cosmetics and beauty products. 

Mira uses AI to analyse product reviews and turn them into short, easy-to-understand descriptions. It works like Google but focuses entirely on beauty products, aggregating beauty product reviews, articles and videos. These can all then be accessed directly from the platform. 

Available online and as an app, Mira uses AI and facial recognition to help customers find the right makeup tones and products, and to match them with others users with similar needs, thus building an online community. Users are even encouraged to chat with each other on the platform, as the AI powering the platform becomes smarter with every comment, according to the team

The Mira platform allows customers to compare the prices and characteristics of multiple products, and to order directly from the site. The site launched in October and is free to download and use. 




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