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The dehydrated body wash | Photo source Plus

Zero-waste body wash packaging dissolves in the shower

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The powder comes in dissolvable packaging, and all the user has to do is hop in the shower and add the water as they wash

Spotted: If you are like many people, your shower or tub surround is cluttered with bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash – each of which is composed primarily of water and is packaged in plastic bottles. This means that a lot of money and energy is being spent on shipping what is essentially water. A new personal-care brand – Plus – is hoping to change this, with a dehydrated body wash in dissolvable packaging.

Plus comes as sheets of dehydrated material, each about the size of a credit card. Each sheet is individually packaged in a little sachet made from wood pulp. This can be simply dropped in the shower or tub, and will dissolve down the drain. Once wetted, the dehydrated body wash turns to a dense foam.

The sustainability continues through all aspects of the product — the sachets are printed with water-based dissolvable ink, and the wood pulp used in the packaging is from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests. Packaging is also minimal, with the sachets packaged for shipping in a bio-based zippered pouch and mailer that can both be composted in a back garden or industrial composter.

At around €0.83 per sheet, Plus body wash is more expensive than bottled washes, but the company is working hard to bring down the price. Co-Founder and CEO, Cathryn Woodruff has also pointed out that the idea is to help people make sustainable choices in all aspects of their lives, saying, “The idea of 100% dissolvable packaging—that you hop in the shower with something and it disappears by the time you’re done getting clean—was something that we felt has the potential to get people really excited about making a better choice in the shower.”

It is now easier than ever to make sustainable decisions in every aspect of our lives. In addition to shower soap, Springwise has recently covered sustainable innovations in both gift wrapping and activewear.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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