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The RAFFAUF collection incorporates both beauty and sustainability | Photo source RAFFAUF

A fashion collection that uses grain waste to create a special coating

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In its latest collection, RAUFFAUF has taken grain waste materials to create a water-resistant coating for clothing

Spotted: In recent years, sustainable fashion has been on the rise, and we’ve seen many brands joining in with this shift. One such company is Berlin-based fashion label RAFFAUF, whose newest collection incorporates both beauty and sustainability. The brand has created a line of clothing that has a special coating made from grain waste. When grain is processed, it is first removed from the husk, and once the bran and oils are also taken out, a wax-like material is left. This is usually thrown away.

Instead of letting this waxy material go to waste, RAFFUAF has decided to put it through a heating process that melts it and turns it into a liquid. When the resulting liquid is then mixed with other ingredients, it can be applied to fabric without leaving stains. Once ready, the coating is 90 per cent recycled waste from grain processing and gives the clothing the benefit of being water-resistant. The fashion label has utilised this coating on linen to create a functional and stylish future for sustainable fashion.

RAUFFAUF have specialised in developing eco-friendly clothing and accessories for 30 years. This dedication is even visible in the style of their designs, which are made to be more timeless than trendy so that they can be worn for many years.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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