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The technology is capable of upcycling some of the most difficult to reuse waste plastics | Photo source Remeant

Packaging waste turned into vegan leather

Fashion & Beauty

Each textile is one-of-a-kind and can be used for clothing, accessories, home decor and more

Spotted: With patent-pending technology, Israeli startup Remeant converts single-use plastics into sustainable vegan leathers. Each textile is unique, produced as it is from a particular set of waste products. The finishes on the leather-like pieces range from marbled and bubble wrap, to crinkly, shiny aluminium.

The technology is capable of upcycling some of the most difficult to reuse waste plastics, including bubble wrap, and the durable fabrics are lightweight, waterproof and washable. The team customises colours for clients, and as well as the innovative process for Remeant, is already at work on other upcycling ideas. Remeant was four years in the making, and the textiles are able to be used for everything from leather upholstery projects to handbags, shoes, clothing and interior decorating.

Plastic pollution isn’t the only waste product Springwise has spotted being used in exciting new ways. From coffee husks turned into construction materials to 3D printing a wood composite made from sawdust, everyday items are becoming ever closer to being carbon neutral. Thus, consumers looking for the next big thing will already be considering carbon-negative options.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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