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Traceability data for the fashion industry

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This SaaS platform helps organisations ensure traceability and compliance along the entire supply chain

Spotted: Most organisations have realised the importance of sustainability for their brand image. However, it is very difficult to guarantee supply chain transparency and product traceability over the large networks of suppliers that most big businesses rely on. To make things easier, Swedish company TrusTrace has developed a platform for product traceability and supply chain transparency within the fashion, food, and retail industries.

The TrusTrace platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to integrate retailer, manufacturer, and supplier systems, as well as third parties such as certification agencies, lifecycle datasets, and other sustainability solution providers. The system allows users to track and trace materials and ESG and compliance data for thousands of suppliers and products. Unlike some similar systems, TrusTrace is built specifically for the scale of ultra-large and complex textile supply chains, providing the fashion industry with much-needed transparency.

The software-as-a-service platform allows organisations to track transactions and scope certificates in a standardised and scalable way, while gathering the evidence needed to meet compliance requirements, and see the status of goods as they move through the supply chain.

TrusTrace co-founder and CEO Shameek Ghosh explains: “We have developed our Material Intelligence Frameworks for certified and non-certified materials, which accelerates a brand’s journey to achieve high levels of material compliance. Our goal is to make sure traceability data is accessible in real-time along the value chain as raw materials become finished products.”

Improving sustainability and traceability in the textile industry is the goal of several innovations Springwise has spotted. These include a platform that helps fashion brands have better control over their sustainability data, and a closed-loop production system for cotton goods.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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