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Perfect's YouCam Makeup app | Photo source Perfect

YouCam Makeup providing free AR tech for brands during COVID-19 outbreak

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An augmented reality beauty app is offering cosmetics brands free AR experiences and product listings as more people are forced to shop online

Spotted: As the global coronavirus pandemic picks up speed and non-essential stores close, consumers have turned to online ordering in unprecedented numbers. As a result, augmented reality developer Perfect has seen interest grow in its AR beauty app, YouCam Makeup. Now the company is offering cosmetics brands free AR experiences, web subscriptions and product listings as a way to help brands remain connected with their customers.

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The company is offering brands a free subscription to their browser plug-in YouCam for Web, to help brands integrate virtual makeup “try-ons” into their websites. Perfect is also waiving the license fee for brands who sign up for YouCam A.R.T., an AR platform for live training sessions.

Perfect’s technology lets shoppers sample makeup and hair colours virtually before they buy. Through its YouCam app, it also offers beauty aficionados interactive ways to connect with the global beauty community through virtual experiences, such as one-to-one on-demand beauty consultations and Livestream beauty shows.

Perfect founder and CEO, Alice Chang expressed her hope that the app and the free services will help relieve some of the stress and loneliness of isolation. “As our physical world becomes restricted in our global fight against COVID-19, digital connections have become our lifeline,” she said in a statement.

As the period of lockdown and social distancing is extended in countries around the world, it has become more vital to help people connect with each other. A number of businesses have developed innovative ways to help people while remaining relevant, including an events magazine that is now providing listings for things to do indoors and a restaurant chain that has started live-streams with celebrity guests.

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