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The site intends to create “meaningful and long-lasting participation between Black business, community, and excellence" | Photo source Black Owned Everything

An Instagram feed evolves into a marketplace for Black-owned businesses

Fashion & Beauty

The designer Zerina Akers' Black Owned Everything brand now includes an e-commerce marketplace that supports Black-owned luxury brands

Spotted: At the height of activity in 2020 around the Black Lives Matter movement, stylist and designer Zerina Akers launched an Instagram account called Black Owned Everything, dedicated to highlighting outstanding Black-owned businesses in diverse fields, including fashion, beauty, home goods and food. Now, Black Owned Everything has launched as an e-commerce marketplace, in partnership with Google Pixel.

Akers, whose clients include Beyoncé, was motivated to start the marketplace after receiving an overwhelming response to her Instagram. She realised that there was a demand for more than just hashtags and reposts – people wanted to support Black-owned luxury brands in more concrete ways, and the brands themselves were in need of an inclusive home.

In a press release, Black Owned Everything describes itself as, “a platform that is both a marketplace and media culture hub built on the foundation of inclusivity to amplify and empower a diverse community of creators.” The site plans to be more than a place to buy goods, it also wants to serve as a content hub to allow creators to connect with designers, “through immersive storytelling and activated experiences with the idea of becoming a destination for Black-owned excellence.”

Rather than ephemeral, trend-based Instagram posts, the site intends to create, “meaningful and long-lasting participation between Black business, community, and excellence.” Akers adds: “Black businesses have fought exclusion, systematic oppression, and active disenfranchisement for decades. Our goal is to change the narrative and to invite you to support Black-owned businesses, celebrate Black creators, and participate in an inclusive, unified community.”

Black Owned Everything is the latest site to focus on offering a curated shopping experience. The trend for curated content is continuing to grow, as consumers demand products that are more authentic and unique. At Springwise, we have seen this with innovative approaches such as a “sweat-yourself-shop” and a show brand that asks customers to submit sketches for a new collection.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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