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The label aims to fit and empower all bodies, regardless of gender or size | Photo source Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

Fashion brand aims to empower marginalised communities

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Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp, which started as an Instagram handle, aims to fit and empower all bodies, regardless of gender or size

Spotted:  Sydney-based Niamh Galea is the founder of Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp, a fashion label that evolved from the designer’s graduate collection at the University of Technology Sydney and its associated Instagram page. 

The label aims to fit and empower all bodies, regardless of gender or size. Through its progressive, fit flexible design style, the label characterises LA skater boy culture, with ’90s velour tracksuits, geometric G-strings cut from repurposed fabric scraps and matching tracksuits with printed artwork. 

“I am a size 20. As someone who loves fashion, but often won’t fit the clothes that I would love to buy, I have personally been marginalised by it. I have seen some of my friends be marginalised by the fashion industry in other ways, because of their queerness, their race, or age. I try to make clothing that they can wear. That allows us in,” Niamh said in an interview. 

 In terms of the process, Niamh says that she thinks about mechanisms that can shrink and grow. Fabrics such as knit and elastic can shrink and expand easily. Likewise, corsets also offer flexible fitting because of their lace-up design and belts can be made bigger or smaller. 

The designer mostly works with second-hand upcycled textiles that she sources from Reverse Garbage. However, the designer admits that in industry, fashion can’t expect to ever be sustainable as “its nature encourages people to consume and to buy clothes that go above and beyond need into the realm of want”. 

Next up for the brand is to open a small retail space in their new studio for customers to try on the brand’s pieces, as well as some of the company’s friends who are small designers.  

Written By: Katrina Lane

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