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Halo Line. | Photo source Angel Guard

Fashion start-up combines clothing with self-defence items

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Angel Guard Fashion aims to deter attacks, whilst creating fashion-friendly statements

Spotted: The US fashion startup Angel Guard Fashion recently launched their “halo line” of clothing featuring self-defence tools.

The aim of the brand is to provide a fast response system to deter attacks, whilst creating fashion-friendly statements. The line includes a range of pieces, from party dresses to belts and work jackets. 

Security features are embedded directly on the pieces. These include the Angel Guard pin and an easily detachable siren, which can be activated to prevent attacks against the user. Tools are located in the fastest area of the body, allowing immediate response to potential threats.

The items are also hand-painted, made out of 100 per cent Vietnamese silk and custom-made to prevent textile-wastage.

Angel Guard founder Brooke Hart told  Springwise that There are currently no items, especially in the fashion field, which provide the fast response system and multiple layers of defence that Angel Guard Fashion does. Most defence items are specialized or impractical for the fast response that is needed in an attack.”

Angel will also be releasing a complementary app to alert friends if a user is under attack. The app is expected to be released during next year. 



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