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Linington’s eco-fashion in the design stages | Photo source Jasmine Linington

A couture textile line made from seaweed

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The Seaweed Girl line of couture textiles uses seaweed in almost every element of the design

Spotted: While studying for a Master of Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh, design student Jasmine Linington became fascinated by the potential of seaweed. She eventually developed her Seaweed Girl line of couture textiles, which uses seaweed in almost every element.

For the textiles, Linington used seaweed fibre and yarn produced by Austrian company SeaCell. The SeaCell fibres are made by using nanotechnology to embed dried, crushed seaweed into cellulose fibres. The cellulose is then broken down and spun into a yarn. 

“I use an eco-resin to create the beads coloured with seaweed, as well as another embellishment piece made completely from kelp seaweed, offering a plastic-free alternative” Linington told Springwise. She also extracted pigment from seaweed to make a natural dye.

Every element of Linington’s process is focused on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of fashion. She even obtained a licence for small-scale seaweed harvesting. Seaweed is an incredibly versatile and fast-growing organism, making it highly sustainable and a good choice for sustainable fashion.

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