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Ecoligo empowers investors to help small businesses transition to solar power | Photo source Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

A crowdinvesting platform helps small businesses transition to solar power

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The company focuses on emerging economies needing increased amounts of renewable energy

Spotted: Not only are emerging markets growing, so too are their energy requirements. Rather than turn to damaging fossil fuels, German solar-as-a-service company Ecoligo wants to help new and developing businesses use renewables instead. But to do so often requires capital that small businesses do not have or cannot access. This is where Ecoligo’s network of investors can make a difference.

A minimum investment of €100 allows anyone to contribute to the design, installation, and management of a solar array that allows a small business to run on renewable energy. Ecoligo connects those with the funds to invest with those seeking sustainable business growth. Local economies in countries including Ghana, Kenya, and Vietnam are flourishing, and creating a renewable energy system at an early stage of business development enables more sustainable long-term growth in cities and regions.

Ecoligo customises each installation, working with clients to understand growth goals, management challenges, and local conditions. Investors track projects from inception to completion via the platform, and a Berlin-based team helps keep the arrays in top working condition. Projects seeking investment are listed on the Ecoligo website, and payments to investors occur once a year. The company recently closed a €10 million round of funding that will enable expansion of the service into new markets.

Green investing is becoming more popular aided by platforms that help connect interested parties. Springwise spotted an AI-powered fintech platform that helps farmers attract investment in carbon credits for regeneration projects and a set of metrics that allow investors to track the impact of their support. 

Written By: Keely Khoury



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