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Ualá is focusing on improving financial literacy as part of its expansion into Mexico | Photo source Andre Taissin on Unsplash

Free education platform helps unbanked communities achieve financial literacy

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Learners using the platform go at their own pace and can attain certification for their efforts

Spotted: Without understanding what a service is for and how it works, there is little value in broadening access to it. Argentinian fintech company Ualá’s recent expansion into Mexico focuses on this challenge. The company’s new financial education platform, Aula Ualá, provides a variety of resources to help individuals and institutions better manage their finances.

For individuals, learners go at their own pace, choosing content that interests them and suits their style of learning. Blog posts and videos allow students to tailor their education for themselves. For those seeking formal recognition of their work, a financial education certificate is available. Content covers important considerations for various financial transactions, along with guidance for different life stages and goals.

For people who would like to review the entirety of the material, a downloadable document provides an overview of everything that is currently online. Institutions may register for virtual seminars given by one of Ualá’s topic experts. All the material is free, for non-customers and customers alike.

Fintech is increasingly focused on improving accessibility, with a range of innovations helping small businesses get connected more efficiently. A Latin American SaaS platform helps SMEs apply for loans and manage their finances in real-time, and in the Middle East and Africa, a mobile app lets SMEs use their phones for point-of-sale transactions.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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