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A countertop device for brewing plant-based milk at home 

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The process takes just six minutes and makes milk from a range of proteins

Springwise: Some favorite foods, including staples such as pancakes, hummus, and guacamole, are relatively simple to make at home. However, it does take a bit more time to assemble all the ingredients and do the work than it does to open a container and enjoy something immediately. Non-dairy milks are another popular foodstuff that is fairly easy to make. They require a nut or seed, water, and a blender. Despite the ease, though, many of us just don’t have the time, inclination or ingredients to make these by hand. 

Step in GROW UP, a sleek, countertop milk brewer designed to produce fresh, non-dairy milk within minutes. Users choose from a range of up to 10 different ingredients, including nuts, oats, coconuts, and hemp seed. All it takes to make a glass of fresh milk is one cup of the chosen ingredient, plus water, added to the top of the brewer. With the push of a digital button, the device makes fresh milk in less than six minutes.

Video source GROW UP

There are two colours available – black and grey – and parts of the machine are dishwasher safe. GROW UP also does not use single use packaging, and the machine includes a self-cleaning function. The machine is currently available for pre-order with a $50 (around €46) deposit and is scheduled to be shipped in spring 2023.  

As well as milk, recent innovations in non-dairy products that Springwise has spotted include vegan cheeses, lab grown egg whites, and bacteria-based whipped cream.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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