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AI combats food waste in kitchens in real time

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The platform assesses the cost of waste, and suggests ways to help reduce it

Spotted: ReFED expects 2024 “to be one of the most consequential years yet to make real progress in meeting [food waste] reduction targets.” At the same time, the World Bank predicts that food security is likely to remain one of the world’s most critical challenges for the world to face.

How to sustainably bridge that gap between waste reduction and food insecurity is a challenge that many innovators are trying to solve. In France, food waste technology experts Kikleo use AI-powered cameras and scales to monitor how much food is being discarded in real time.

The cameras are set up above sinks, sorting tables, conveyor belts, and rubbish bins and use image processing to automatically identify and quantify the types and amounts of food left on plates and trays. Waste can also be weighed, and the semi-automatic scales come with a connected screen for direct input of the type of waste.

Easy to install, the system works in all kinds of kitchens, from schools and hotels to hospitals and businesses, and the platform provides real-time data on what is going into the bins. The AI matches the cost of each type of food – such as bread, vegetables, desserts, and more – with the percentages of each type of waste. This provides organisations with detailed breakdowns of the costs of their losses and their overall environmental impact.

Organisations can customise their reports to track progress against sustainability goals, and Kikleo’s team can provide additional support in building assessments and action plans for improvements. In the first year of use, organisations generally reduce waste by up to 20 per cent. In the longer term, Kikleo’s system helps reduce food waste by up to 50 per cent.

More than 20 organisations in France are currently using Kikleo’s technology, and for those interested in learning more about how much they can save, the company provides a digital food waste calculator on the company website.

From AI scanners that help manage patient nutrition to solar-powered freezers for fishermen, innovations in Springwise’s library are helping reduce food waste at every stage of the global supply chain.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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