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Auk has developed an automated system for indoor gardening | Photo source Auk

Automated indoor garden provides fresh herbs year-round

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The system fits on a countertop and tailors care to the plants that are being grown

Spotted: Indoor garden system EverGrow, by Norwegian company Auk, provides all the knowledge and care required by plants. Beginners get the fun of sowing seeds without the stress of wondering when to water and how much to provide. The system automatically waters and feeds the seeds and plants requiring users simply to keep the water tank and nutrient containers full.

Even for advanced gardeners, the system provides a relaxed way to cultivate regularly available fresh greens. Auk provides more than 15 types of seeds to choose from, and gardeners can provide their own. The system simply needs to know what is being planted and then adjusts the care accordingly.

The light strip provides a range of options, from sunrise and sunset to warmer or cooler colours as required by the plants. The water tank needs to be refilled every two weeks, making it possible to go on holiday without needing to arrange for a plant sitter. Nutrients are topped up every two months, and Auk keeps the system as sustainable as possible.

Packaging is fully recyclable, and the plant containers are made from composite plastics that contain 30 per cent natural materials. Previously only available in Norway, EverGrow is now for sale across Europe, with the company planning to continue expanding further.

The benefits of green spaces are well-known, and with several projects making it easier to incorporate gardening into daily life, grow-your-own is becoming accessible – even to those without an allotment. Homes themselves are using plants as a means of thermal regulation, and indoor greenhouses make it possible to grow more than basic greens.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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