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The multi-platform system will allow businesses to track resources and control stock automatically | Photo source No Spoilers

Avoiding cost and food waste in hospitality

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A new platform helps hospitality businesses manage their inventory better to reduce food waste

Spotted: Every year, around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted, including approximately 40 per cent of all food at retail or consumer level in industrialised countries. This constitutes a huge amount of wasted resources and acts as a substantial contribution to global warming. To help reduce this mountain of food waste, startup No Spoilers has developed an innovative inventory control solution aimed at hospitality businesses.

The company’s multi-platform application provides tools that allow businesses to conduct fast and precise inventory control. The system centres around a Bluetooth-enabled scale that can be used with a mobile phone. Inventory control data is automatically uploaded to the cloud so it can be analysed on a computer or mobile device and using the data, managers can then easily schedule tasks for employees and control the company’s workflow on the platform.

The system is also packed with helpful features such as the ability to quickly identify products using a built-in barcode reader or measure partial inventory using No Spoilers’ Smart Scale – giving managers an accurate idea of exactly how much food and drink they have left. The software also offers inventory management features including inventory control, inventory optimisation, purchasing, pricing management, mobile access, and analytics and reporting.

Businesses can alter No Spoilers’ system to set the optimum periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels and automatically generate inventory orders, control suppliers with incoming inventory control, gather and analyse business data for informed decision-making, and identify and report losses due to wastage.

Reducing food waste not only helps save resources, but it also helps hospitality companies save money. Some other innovations helping reduce food waste include AI that can check the freshness of fruit and a startup that uses computer vision to help commercial kitchens manage food waste.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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