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Chipotle is delivering its Mexican food for free | Photo source Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash

Chipotle responds to social distancing with live streaming

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The restaurant chain's sessions include celebrity guests and are aimed at younger consumers

Spotted: As social distancing and lockdowns from COVID-19 caused more people to eschew going out to eat and fast-casual restaurants across the world close down, Chipotle Mexican Grill has come up with a novel way to keep customers buying tacos. In addition to offering free delivery and tamper-proof packaging at many locations in the US, Chipotle is also hosting daily “Chipotle Together” sessions on video conferencing site, Zoom.


The sessions include celebrity guests and are aimed at younger consumers, who are more tuned in to streaming video and might be looking for ways to keep busy while in quarantine. The sessions can include up to 3,000 fans, who are not required to book a conference room on Zoom.

In many cities and states, restaurants have been ordered to close or switch to delivery and takeout only. This is on top of a decrease of around 65 per cent in year-on-year restaurant occupancy. Many chains will need to find ways to rapidly boost their delivery services, so they can stay in business and keep employees working. 

Chipotle has already built drive-thru pickup lanes, dubbed “Chipotlanes,” at many of its locations, and launched a dedicated delivery service, as well as installing dedicated pickup shelves in some stores. Increasing digital orders, which topped $1 billion (€927 million) in 2019, is a key part of Chipotle’s growth strategy and may help the company to weather the coronavirus storm.

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