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The cosmic crisp apples stay fresh for 12 months | Photo source Cosmic Crisp®

Cross-bred apples that can stay fresh for up to a year

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After over 20 years of development, the Cosmic Crisp apple aims to stay firm, crisp and juicy for an extended period of time

Spotted: As a result of over 20 years of cross-breeding research by Washington State University’s world-class tree fruit breeding program, a new variety of apples has been developed. A hybrid of the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples, the new Cosmic Crisp apples aim to be firm, extra juicy and crispy, with a storage life of 12 months.

The apples have a heightened level of acidity and sugar, placing them on the sweeter side and making them a good choice for baking, as less added sugar will be needed. The “Cosmic” in the name comes from the striking white lenticels that dot the apple’s red skin, which reminded tasters of a galaxy, while the “Crisp” is a link to its parent, the Honeycrisp.

According to researchers, the exceptional storage life of the Cosmic Crisp apple is because they don’t possess any of the typical storage disorders, such as internal browning, chilling injuries, shrivelling or sensitivity to carbon dioxide and low oxygen. The apples can be kept in a controlled atmosphere for up to a year, in a fridge for six months or longer and on the shelf at room temperature for several weeks.

The Cosmic Crisp apples hit shelves in the US on December 1, and are now being shipped from Washington State to produce departments nationwide.




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