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Eco-friendly packaging for greener stadiums

Food & Drink

The food and drink containers are recyclable and designed to be held in one hand

Spotted: Football matches bring people together all over the world, and food and drink is a key part of the celebration. With the Euro 2024 tournament emphasising sustainability, and UEFA updating its Circular Economy Guidelines, more and more organisations are joining in the work to decarbonise some of the world’s biggest sporting and cultural events.

In France, Flycup has created easy-to-hold food and drink containers that can be held in just one hand. Attendees of large events know the uncomfortable juggling act required to hold and enjoy food or drink while cheering on their team or a performer. The customisable packaging is printed with vegetable ink, and designed to directly replace single-use plastics and coated paper options that cannot be recycled. Flycup’s solution begins as flat-packed food packaging made from 100 per cent recyclable kraft cardboard.

Once assembled, the containers hold a variety of items and sizes. The design includes an integrated handle that makes it easy to hold everything in one hand. The smallest containers hold a single drink and food item, while the larger option holds two foods and a drink. There are also dedicated drink holders.

Flycup containers also include a built-in clip to hold sauces, and the company includes instructions on how the packaging can be used to hold long baguette sandwiches. Assembly instructions for the various container designs are online, and the company recently introduced a reusable product line that includes collection containers for the used packaging.

All Flycup products are made in France, and the vegetable ink used on the containers reduces water pollution during the recycling process. External lifecycle analysis found that replacing conventional packaging with Flycup recyclable products reduces carbon emissions from catering areas by 28 per cent.

Flycup has already teamed up with various partners, including Stade de France and Uber Eats, as well as French football teams Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain.

Springwise is spotting an impressive array of innovations replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable or recyclable alternatives, with examples including a home-compostable bioplastic made from milk protein and a corn-based laminate that looks and feels just like petroleum-based versions.

Written By: Keely Khoury 




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