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Feel the Peel juice bar | Photo source Nicola Giorgetti, Courtesy of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

Automated juice bar turns fruit rind into cups

Food & Drink

An Italian design concept showcases sustainable consumption through circularity of use

Spotted: Italian design studio Carlo Ratti Associati created a juice bar that turns the rind of the fruit into recyclable cups. Called Feel the Peel, the automated juice bar includes a 3D printer. It will be on tour across Italy throughout October 2019 following its debut at the Singularity University Summit in Milan.

After customers order, oranges roll down from the domed top and are then sliced and squeezed. The unused portion of the fruit collects in a see-through drum, heated and mixed with polylactic acid. The ensuing bioplastic feeds the 3D printer, which creates the cups used by customers for their juice.

Circular in shape, the juice bar makes the idea of circular consumption and economy tangible. Studio founder Carlo Ratti also plans to further develop the prototype. In the future, the reused fruit waste may become material for 3D printing clothing and accessory fabric.       

The design studio partnered with energy company Eni to bring the concept to life.

Springwise has spotted other ways food waste is being put to alternate uses, including fermenting shellfish waste to create a biodegradable plastic wrap alternative and the recycling of sour milk into t-shirts. 



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