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Dessert made at Loop with leftover ingredients. | Photo source Loop Facebook Page

Gourmet restaurant turns food waste into delicious dishes

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The Finnish restaurant is part of a global effort to reduce the amount of good, edible food that is wasted in restaurants and at markets

Spotted: Loop is the first Finnish restaurant to fight against food waste by turning unsold produce into gourmet dishes.

The aim of the restaurant is to increase awareness about food waste and its impact on the environment. It does this by turning foodstuff that would otherwise be thrown away into high quality, mostly vegan, dishes.

Loop, which is run by From Waste to Taste, sends trucks to 15 local shops every morning. The drivers collect unsold, fresh produce and bring it to the restaurant. The menu changes daily, depending on what goods the restaurant receives. Loop serves between 40 (during the winter) and 100 (during the summer) every day for lunch. Any leftover unused goods are then sent to charity.

Loop is a non-profit. Any revenue from the restaurant goes to From Waste to Taste. The restaurant also employs at-risk youth, immigrants and the long-term unemployed.



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