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Ice cream startup offers unique essential oil-infused flavours

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Unlike most sugary treats that spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling tired and bloated, Moody’s has created simple recipes that are crafted to not only taste great, but also to deliver mood-boosting properties.

Spotted: Minnesota based startup, Moody’s Ice Cream, is changing the ice cream game by infusing its flavours with essential oils and ingredients that have specific sensory benefits. Founder and CEO Rachel Rinehart has created flavours that are familiar and approachable, while also offering a unique and special twist.

The best-selling flavour is rosemary mint chip, while the rosemary offers mental clarity, mint boosts the mind. Other flavours include lavender honey blueberry, which combats stress and provides antioxidants, and spicy citrus, infused with tangerine and ginger to promote digestive health. Coconut milk-based vegan flavours are also available, such as Mexican chocolate with cinnamon essential oils, and a seasonal maple cinnamon walnut.   

Rinehart launched the company in June. Moving forward, she plans to target local co-ops for distribution and ultimately expand nationally. Moody’s does not have a physical store yet, but for the time being, you can buy their ice creams online, or visit them at rotating pop-up events.   



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