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Plug-and-play technology enables in-house mycelium production

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A ready-to-use system for mycelium fermentation could democratise access to alternative proteins for small food companies

Spotted: Mycelium is the root-like structure of a fungus, and these microscopic networks are an excellent source of protein for humans. Unlike many other vegan proteins, mycelium has a natural umami flavour similar to meat, making it very useful to companies manufacturing meat substitutes and many other foods.

However, mycelium production at scale can require complex infrastructure, making it too expensive for small manufacturers. This is where startup Kynda comes in. The company has developed a plug-and-play biotechnology system that allows food manufacturers of all sizes to carry out in-house mycelium fermentation.

Kynda’s system includes ready-to-use biotechnology necessary for mycelium fermentation at an industrial scale, including control tools, cleaning and hygiene instruments, inoculation technology, and remote process monitoring tools. The system allows companies to forego building their own fermentation systems and so provides an affordable and accessible option. ​

The company is backed by a group of VC and angel investors, including FoodLabs, Sustainable Food Ventures, and Shio Capital. Kynda has also engaged in a number of projects, including equipping the non-profit German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) with mobile fermentation units for research purposes. The units allow DIL to produce mycelium on-site and conduct research into its potential uses in the food industry. ​

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Written By: Lisa Magloff



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