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ELEAT's Cinammon Sensation flavour cereal | Photo source ELEAT Cereal

Reinventing cereal to be healthy, gut-friendly, and vegan

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Created by two university students, the new cereal startup offers subscriptions through which customers can select the flavours and quantity they desire

Spotted: The average sugar content in a single serving of cereal (19.8 grammes) is nearly double the recommended amount for an adult (10 grammes). This is especially concerning given the rising incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes. In light of this, students Hywel Rose and Hugh Hamilton-Green from the University of Bristol have launched a low-sugar, gut-friendly alternative called ELEAT.

There is growing awareness of the importance of gut health, and the need for foods that are rich in prebiotics and other gut-friendly ingredients. ELEAT cereal was designed to be just this – high in protein, fibre, and prebiotics. It is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Twelve months of industrial trials involved turning the founders’ student kitchen into a lab and using a cement mixer to make early prototypes of the cereal. The cereal will be delivered to customers on a subscription model in two packaging options: a large resealable 250-gramme portion and a smaller 50-gramme portion. The team has now begun manufacturing and already has over 1,000 customers signed up.

Chocolate Triumph, Cinnamon Sensation, Strawberry Blitz, and Vanilla Thriller are the four flavours comprising the first batch. However, the subscription model also allows customers to tailor the flavour and quantity desired. The duo already have plans to expand into other food and drink products, as well as a goal of entering supermarkets.

ELEAT reflects a growing consumer demand for healthier and vegan foods. Springwise has previously spotted Bubble Goods, a new marketplace to buy ‘healthy’ snack options, such as coffee brand Woken and popcorn brand BjornQorn. Other recent food innovations include barley waste up-cycled into protein-rich flour, and an artificial-intelligence-powered salad bar

Written By: Katrina Lane



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