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The renovated Sweetgreen store has first opened in New York | Photo source

Restaurant uses AI to overhaul fast-food dining

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Sweetgreen has launched a completely revised version of its restaurant that moves from assembly line salads to high-tech, customised dining

Spotted: US-based Sweetgreen is using AI tech and personalised service to attract customers to its latest restaurant in New York. Sweetgreen 3.0 combines the “digital and physical” experience, the company says

The casual eatery has made several radical changes to its restaurant model in the new version. First, in a move to reduce ordering anxiety, Sweetgreen 3.0 allows customers to order by iPad in-store or by app. Previously, diners would create their salads in assembly-line style. Sweetgreen said customers have reported feeling pressured to order quickly whilst queuing. 

The new system gives them more time to peruse the menu, which is now twice as long. It also allows the restaurant to provide customised offerings and indeed, Sweetgreen has developed software that makes it easier to personalise customers’ dining experience.

The restaurant chain has also moved food preparation to the back, away from the dining area. In addition, customers can now sample food and other offerings while they wait for their orders.

The new restaurant has already opened in New York City and Sweetgreen said the location will be a “testing ground” for future changes at other locations. The eatery is also planning to roll out “out of the bowl” menu options, like deconstructed salads. The company has recently raised €134 million of funding and, in June, purchased the delivery service Gallery Foods.



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