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Hazel Technologies have pioneered the approach of extending shelf life by releasing active vapours rather than adding chemicals to the food | Photo source Pixabay

Easy-to-use food preservative moderates the air around produce

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One small sachet protects food for up to three weeks

Spotted: Food technology company Hazel Technologies has developed an innovative approach to preserving fresh food. Rather than adding chemicals to the food itself, the company’s preservative extends shelf-life by releasing active ingredients, such as an anti-fungal vapour and an ethylene neutraliser, over a period of time. Ethylene is the plant hormone that triggers the ripening and, eventually, spoiling processes.

Packaged in a small sachet, the preservative simply needs to be added to a storage or display case where it can protect freshness for up to three weeks. The tailored technology provides growers with bespoke preservatives designed explicitly for their crops. As part of the company’s dedication to eliminating food waste, it has opened an on-site micro-distillery at its California location to make use of its test fruits and vegetables.

The sachets come in different sizes and forms, allowing for use of the technology at warehouse scale as well as by small grocers. Company development is focused on expanding internationally as well as creating additional products the preservation of other foodstuffs, including meat.

The company recently expanded from its Chicago headquarters to a second location in Salinas, California.

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Written by: Keely Khoury



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