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Visualising food supply chains to improve consumer trust

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A startup is helping small businesses demonstrate the sustainability of their products and illustrate this for consumers

Spotted: Many small sustainable businesses offer great products, but lack the tools and resources to tell the full story of their items. In a world filled with products, it is easy for these manufacturers to lose out. German startup Seedtrace has developed a platform that allows food companies to prove their product’s sustainability, as well as manage and communicate their social and environmental impact to consumers.

Seedtrace’s platform includes a supply chain software solution that provides transparency to every stage of a food product’s journey. It also includes tools that allow businesses to then incorporate this transparency information into an online store, or other marketing materials. The cloud-based infrastructure allows high scalability, privacy, and security, allowing users to access their supply chain data ‘whenever and wherever’.

The platform helps small businesses bring transparency into complex supply chains, helping organisations validate their claims by tracing products ‘from seed to shelf’. By helping businesses better manage, prove, and communicate value chain information, Seedtrace enables businesses and consumers to better understand the positive impact of sustainable products. Product transparency is turned into a unique selling point.

On its website, the company describes its product as helping organisations with “customer communication at every stage of the sales process and at all [their] customer touchpoints”. This allows brands to build strong relationships with their customers quickly.

Provable transparency is becoming a vital component in supply chain management, and Springwise has spotted a number of projects focusing on this area. These include everything from a marketplace connects verified buyers and sellers of scrap metal to reduce carbon emissions to digital tags for shellfish that ensure seafood traceability.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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