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America’s first licensed cannabis café is opening in West Hollywood

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The café hopes to be a hub for creatives and has already received funding from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Mark Ronson and Sarah Silverman.

Spotted: America’s first licensed cannabis café has just opened in West Hollywood, California. The café, Lowell Farms, allows diners to eat a meal as well as smoke, vape, or eat cannabis-infused edibles on the premises.

Lowell’s head chef is noted cannabis chef and activist Andrea Drummer. The food menu includes dishes that complement the cannabis, such as Bánh mì, corn dogs and vegan nachos. All patrons must be over-21.

Cannabis is ordered separately and is served by cannabis sommeliers named “flower hosts”. Cannabis products include vapes, pre-roll singles, a daily selection of flower, edibles (including gummies and beverages) and concentrates. 

In accordance with California law, diners will have to pay cash for any cannabis products and are not allowed to leave the cafe with any cannabis purchased on-site. To prevent smoky air, the café uses a €180,000, heavy-duty air filtration system – similar to those used in chemical labs. Natural aromatherapy oils and plants such as jasmine, wisteria, lavender and rosemary will also help camouflage the smell of cannabis.

Lowell’s was made possible due to recent changes in state and local laws. The café’s owner is Lowell Herb Co., a leading California grower of organic cannabis. Lowell recently completed a funding round with support from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Mark Ronson and Sarah Silverman. The café hopes to be a hub for creatives and artists. .



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