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The Locavore shop flore features a pizzeria and sushi bar | Photo source Levi Tijerina

Chain transforms grocery stores into neighbourhood meeting hubs

Food & Drink

The Locavore aims to be a meetings spot and a neighbourhood grocery, offering expansive yet casual in-store dining options with a focus on local providers

Spotted: US-based grocery chain, Leevers, is reimagining the grocery run experience, placing a focus on in-store dining and locally sourced goods. The Denver, Colorado-based Locavore aims to break people’s habit of buying mass-produced goods.

The store plays on the traditional food market model, adding a food hall with in-store dining options, including a pizzeria and a sushi restaurant, as well as traditional grocery stock. Locavore says that it wants to be a meetings spot, as well as the neighbourhood grocery. The shop encourages shoppers to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, either while they shop, or when sitting down in-store.

The grocery portion of the store focuses on local produce and other products, as part of the Locavore movement to support local farmers, growers and producers. The shop spotlights seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as locally sourced meat at the in-store butchers.

The store is employee-owned, and part of the Leevers’ chain of grocery stores, which includes other format stores, such as the Colorado Ranch Market and Save-A-Lot. Locavore opened in November 2019.




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