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The vitamins are sweet and made of vegan gel | Photo source

Personalised 3D-printed vitamins

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A British startup is using 3D-printing technology to make bespoke "stacks" of vitamins, which are made of vegan gel

Spotted: British startup, Nourished, is using 3D-printing technology to make bespoke “stacks” of vitamins designed for individual customer needs. The chewy vitamins are sweet and made of vegan gel. 

Nourished offers its customers several ways to choose its supplements. They can take an online quiz, designed to determine what types of nutrients the customer is most in need of. They can also create their own stack by choosing any seven nutrients themselves from the selection of 28. Nourished will then 3D-print the nutrients in layers to create a personalised vitamin stack.

Customers can also order pre-made supplement stacks, designed around particular themes. For example, the Party Proofed stack includes a blend of nutrients to aid in “party” recovery, including probiotics and Vitamin D to boost immunity, Vitamins B12 and C to help process toxins, HydroCurc and black pepper extract to minimise inflammation, and ginger to help with nausea and improve digestion.

According to Nourished’s Head of Brand, Caitlin Stanley, using 3D-printing allows the company to combine a large variety of nutrients in one capsule. This is because many active ingredients in vitamins interfere with each other when combined. Printing the ingredients on top of each other ensures that each ingredient works in its own right. 

Springwise has seen a number of innovations in the wellness space, and personalisation is becoming more and more desirable. Recent innovations in the area have included personalised smoothies devised around AI-diagnosed skin health and a restaurant chain that lets customers design their own meals.



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