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Easing eco-anxiety with a community-based app

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The company uses a portion of its profits to protect and restore nature

Spotted: As concerns for the environment mount, so do levels of anxiety for the future. According to one survey conducted across 25 European countries, 42 per cent of people feel worried or extremely worried about climate change. The Wildya app aims to help users reduce their eco-anxiety while also helping to protect nature.

The app provides short, weekly courses in managing eco-anxiety that are inspired by nature and backed by science. At the same time, 15 per cent of the company revenues are used to protect and restore nature. Wildya has initially partnered with Wilderlands, in Australia, to protect biodiversity by restoring one metre squared per user, every month.

Wildya founder and CEO Oliver Dauert, told Springwise that the company’s goal “is to protect one per cent of our planet’s land and sea until 2030 by changing 300 million people’s lives.” He added that the company is targeting “small yet steady progress rather than overwhelming the user”.

Wildya is currently looking for investments to help speed up and improve product development. The company is searching for “impact-focused angels and VCs that want to tackle the biodiversity and mental health crises at the same time”.

While Wildya focuses on tackling eco-anxiety, there are a growing number of apps that aim to help improve mental health and well-being more generally. We have recently seen an app providing personalised advice for staying cool in the heat and an app and patch that tracks hydration.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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