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The Restorative Bed hospitality system with dedicated bedside tablets | Photo source Bryte

A restorative sleep technology platform

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One startup is making beds that automatically adjust in order to provide an optimal night's sleep

Spotted: Sleep is big business. According to a recent report, the global sleep aids market generated $59.8 billion (around €60 billion) in 2020 and is projected to reach $111.9 billion (around €112 billion) by 2030. One recent addition to the sleep products market is the Restorative Bed by Californian startup Bryte. The bed is being marketed to hotels and is touted as “an opportunity for hotels to differentiate their wellness offering by delivering more restorative sleep as the centerpiece of their in-room wellness portfolio.”

According to Bryte, the bed is designed to facilitate restorative sleep – generally defined as encompassing all the stages of sleep in enough cycles to allow body systems to engage in recovery, repair, and growth. The bed includes an embedded sensory network that detects biometrics highlighting when a sleeper enters the first stage of sleep. This triggers cooling features that help sleepers enter the critical stages of deep sleep. At the same time, around 100 computer-controlled air cushions continually recalibrate to relieve pressure as the sleeper moves, further encouraging longer and more restful sleep.

As sleepers’ wake, the bed will also provide warming and lighting functions that mimic the feel of a sunrise, as well as gentle movement to softly awaken sleepers. Over subsequent nights, the bed learns and adapts to individual sleepers. Travellers can create a profile that saves their preferences and implements them the next time they stay at any hotel with a Restorative Bed.

Bryte CEO Ely Tsern, explains why the company is focusing on the hotel industry: “As the hotel industry emerges from the pandemic downturn and people seek wellness as part of travel, The Restorative Bed is a key differentiator of the luxury hotel guest experience. Wellness hospitality is clearly moving beyond the spa and there is no better way to deliver wellness at scale than through every guest room.”

Springwise has highlighted a number of innovations that are aimed at helping people improve their sleep. While the Restorative Bed is one of the most comprehensive, it is just one of many that use smart sensors to help users get a more restful nights’ sleep. Other recent innovations in sleep include a self-powering smart pillow and a smart mattress with an integrated cooling system. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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