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Reliance Health provides several healthcare products under a single flat fee | Photo source Reliance Health

A one-stop technology platform makes healthcare accessible and affordable in emerging countries

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A startup is digitsing healthcare in Nigeria and beyond by integrating health insurance, telemedicine, and a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities

Spotted: Catalysed by COVID-19, health tech in Africa is on the rise. The number of funded health tech startups on the continent grew steadily between 2015 and 2021. But despite this growing level of innovation, private initiatives often overlook healthcare in emerging markets due to its complexity. And financial barriers prevent millions in low- and middle-income countries from accessing the care they need.

A Nigerian startup, Reliance Health, is addressing this by using technology to bring together several healthcare solutions under a single flat fee. Through bundled subscriptions, customers can access a range of healthcare products including health insurance plans, telemedicine, and prescription delivery. Some of these services are delivered by the company itself—through its proprietary healthcare centres—while others are delivered through third-party partners.

Through an app, Reliance customers can find healthcare providers, chat with a doctor, and manage the delivery of drugs. The company reaches customers through both business to business, and business to consumer channels, boasting 200,000 individual customers in total. In addition, the app nudges users to make positive lifestyle choices based on their diagnoses.

“We are excited to work with our investors towards bringing affordability and accessibility in healthcare to underserved markets, ultimately saving lives around the world,” explains Femi Kuti, Reliance Health CEO and Co-Founder.

The company recently received $40 million (around €35.2 million) in funding, which it will use to accelerate its efforts to expand its platform in emerging markets, and to develop new products.

Health tech is currently flourishing, with many new solutions that apply learnings from the consumer electronics industry. Innovations recently spotted by Springwise include an app that connects cancer outpatients to medical teams, and an AI-assisted healthcare app that addresses hospital malnutrition.

Written By: Matthew Hempstead



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