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A wearable patch for easy hydration tracking

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A company has made a hydration patch that monitors real-time sweat, electrolytes, motion, and skin temperature

Spotted: With temperatures rising across the globe, making living and working conditions increasingly difficult for some, Epicore Biosystems has created Connected Hydration – a real-time sweat, motion, and skin-temperature-monitoring wearable. 

Connected Hydration comprises of a flexible wearable patch, an app, and a cloud engine, providing present and personalised hydration insights for performance and safety. The wearable continuously measures sweat fluid and electrolyte losses while also monitoring skin temperature and movement. To prevent dehydration, the device will alarm and vibrate to alert a wearer when fluid loss exceeds two per cent of their body weight.  

The makers say Connected Hydration is designed for individuals working in labour-intensive industries like construction, mining, agriculture, warehouse packaging, and more. The device also has an extended battery life of over 1,000 hours without needing charging, and Epicore Biosystems offers a complimentary coin-cell battery swap service, creating an eco-friendly and seamless user experience.  

The company has already partnered with Chevron Corporation, Denka Corporation, and the U.S. Army. It plans to launch the Connected Hydration patch, along with its app, and the cloud engine this summer.

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Written By: Anam Alam




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