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The MinusDUST is specifically designed to look unobtrusive | Photo source VODD Design

An unobtrusive system cleans outdoor air pollution

Health & Wellbeing

The modular units can be used singly or in networks and have customisable facades

Spotted: Air pollution levels in India are among the highest in the world, threatening the country’s health and economy. This has catalysed the creation of a range of air purifying solutions, from portable devices mounted on baby strollers to in-home options that look like artwork.

For areas with more concentrated levels of air pollution, such as city centre streets and parking garages, industrial design studio VODD offers a new solution. The MinusDUST Air Pollution Capture system is a modular device similar in size to a refrigerator. It works quietly as it pulls in dirty air and releases clean air.

Designed explicitly to be unobtrusive to look at, the façade is customisable, making it useful as an extension of corporate branding and for advertising something new. Capable of working individually or as part of a network, the MinusDUST system can be placed on a busy street corner, next to a construction site, or anywhere else where air pollution is particularly high. Its relatively small size makes it easy to move around, and when connected to other devices, could clean the air in sizeable areas of outdoor space.

Making clean air a public good is an idea being developed in several different ways. A solar powered carbon capture system in Australia turns pollution into rock, while an air purifier transforms polluted air into flooring tiles.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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