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At-home testing for microbiome health

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New, personalised tests deliver analysis of microbiome health to help optimise dietary and supplement recommendations

Spotted: Research indicates that the wellness trend is set to continue. The global health and wellness market is currently worth an estimated $5.2 trillion (around €4.8 trillion) and can expect to see annual growth of over five per cent. One particular area that’s booming is personalised wellness and nutrition. Startup Viome Life Sciences is one of those growing rapidly in this space, with its new “Full Body Intelligence Test”.

The company sells kits to determine the microbial composition of stool, saliva, and blood samples. Based on the results, Viome then recommends ‘precision’ supplements and probiotics based on the specific composition of the individual’s microbiome.

The Full Body Intelligence Test, which is available in CVS stores across the US, can provide detailed information on microbial and human gene expression, including data on biological age, immune system health, gut health, oral health, heart health, and brain and cognitive health. Viome’s artificial intelligence-based (AI) platform then analyses this data and recommends the best diet and supplements to improve resilience to stress and illness.

In 2021, Viome reported that it had 200,000 customers and anticipated annual revenue of $100 million (around €93 million). Now, the company claims to have around 350,000 customers. Last month, the company raised $86.5 million (around €80.6 million) in additional funding in a series C round, bringing Viome’s total funding to more than $150 million (around €140 million). The new financing will support the further development of Viome’s tests and help the company expand into other retailers.

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Written By: Lisa Magloff


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