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The AusAir mask | Photo source AusAir

Botanical face mask eases respiratory issues

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The AusAir masks use memory nose foam and botanical filters that last up to four weeks

Spotted: The Australian start-up, run by brothers Elias and Isaac Honor and their friend Jack Graham, has created an award-winning anti-pollution mask that is embedded with Australian botanicals, which was initially aimed at easing the health impacts caused by air pollution. Founded in 2017, the idea was conceived following a trip to Beijing, where the team discovered that on a bad day, just breathing the air can be the equivalent of smoking 25 cigarettes. 

The AusAir masks use memory nose foam and feature magic-fit ear loops and botanical filters that last up to four weeks. They are reusable and have washable skins that can be separated from their filters. 

The team believe their product is different because, as opposed to a focus on pure utility, the mask is comfortable and fashionable and the inclusion of the botanicals evokes the sensation of breathing pure, Australian air. The urban designs were developed to pair easily with everyday clothes and come in a range of colours. 

The masks have also surpassed P2 and KN95 preliminary testing, which means they protect from fine particulate matter, certain organic vapours and odours, and are also effective at preventing contagious airborne viruses and diseases. They also come in multiple sizes, creating a seal around facial contours, which is critical to virus and disease protection.

AusAir launched the mask on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in early February and has now garnered over €1 million from backers. The team have been sending out 300 to 400 orders per day since shipping began in August, and have completed approximately 94 per cent of them at the time of writing.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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