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The cough recorder | Photo source Coughvid

A platform for detecting a COVID-19 cough

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A team at Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) have developed an artificial intelligence-based system that can analyse your cough and determine whether you might be COVID-19 positive

Spotted: One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is a dry cough, and according to the World Health Organisation, 67.7 per cent of people who have the virus develop this. Five researchers at EPFL’s Embedded Systems have developed an app that records a user’s cough on a smartphone and determines whether they might have COVID-19. The Coughvid app will provide immediate results and could serve as an alternative to conventional tests.  

Similar to how doctors listen to a patient’s cough to diagnose the respiratory condition, Coughvid will use an artificial intelligence-based system to distinguish between different types of coughs. Users simply need to install the app and record their cough, and this easy-to-use system has the advantage of being non-invasive, free and anonymous. The development team have a goal of reaching a 70 per cent accuracy rate when enough data is collected from a broad spectrum of patients. However, they urge those who might have the virus to seek medical advice too, as Coughvid is not a substitute for a medical exam.  

The app is currently in the process of being developed, as the team is collecting as much data as possible to distinguish between different types of coughs. They are aiming to release it in the next few weeks and in the meantime, are encouraging COVID-19 patients to contribute to its development by recording their coughs.

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