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Embedding healthcare in supply chains

Health & Wellbeing

How can this company help organisations meet their ESG targets?

Spotted: As companies develop their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and work to embed sustainability across the entire organisation, more focus is being paid to the supply chain. For instance, Julius Emmrich and Samuel Knauss, two German medical doctors and social entrepreneurs, saw an opportunity to embed social responsibility by providing healthcare for supply chain partners.  

Their company, Elucid, helps organisations improve the health of the small-scale producers and other workers, such as miners, who grow or produce the materials needed for almost any product. Elucid’s digital platform provides real-time data and insights into the current conditions being experienced by workers on the ground. 

Working with local community leaders and healthcare experts, Elucid assesses an area’s healthcare assets and provisions. Then, working with those partners and financially supported by the organisations that rely on the labour of these members of the local community, Elucid helps to improve and expand access to healthcare resources in the area’. Those local collaborations ensure that the support being offered is suitable to local contexts and national policy goals.  

Elucid manages most of the logistics, including enrolling producers from a business’s supply chain into the relevant programme and directly paying for the healthcare. For the companies benefiting from the labour and products from those communities, Elucid tracks socio-economic data and aggregated information on medical treatments to show the impact of each programme on income, health, child labour, and deforestation. That data contributes to more robust ESG reports for companies around the world, along with more transparent supply chains.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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