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The Muhō | Photo source Stijn van Cuijk, Jakob Kohnle and Laurenz Simonis (Umeå Institute of Design) in collaboration with Electrolux

A home sanitisation station that disinfects hands and phones

Health & Wellbeing

Located at the entrance of the house, the Muhō is a post-COVID home solution that disinfects your devices and hands instantly

Spotted: The COVID-19 pandemic has widely changed our way of life and has particularly made us more aware of the need to clean our hands and items as soon as we walk into our homes. With the goal of creating post-COVID-19 home solutions, a team at Umeå Institute of Design have collaborated with Electrolux to develop a hallway sanitisation-station. The Muhō envisions a new type of furniture for homes that goes above and beyond, to keep life organised and safe. Made to be conveniently located at the entrance of the home, it allows you to instantly disinfect your device and hands, preventing any potential germs from entering the house.

As UV light acts as a disinfectant by breaking down the DNA of any bacteria or viruses, the Muhō comes with 3 UV-C light-enabled shelves to place items such as phones, keys, wallets, or sunglasses on. Once an object is placed on the shelf, a contact-sensor activates the UV-C light in seconds, killing any germs that have accumulated on the items. The lowest shelf has a built-in hands-free sanitiser dispenser, allowing you to clean your hands while your items are being disinfected. To add an extra flair to the design, the Muhō comes with a smart mirror that not only allows you to check how you look but also gives you temperature and weather updates.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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