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Hydralizer is self-sustaining | Photo source Hydralizer

Self-sustaining steam and UV light steriliser

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Unlike other sterilisation products on the market, Hydralizer can run without electricity or a clean water supply and consists of both steam and UV light sterilisation

Spotted: Aadya Chachra from the Savannah College of Art and Design has conceptualised a steam and UV light steriliser that works without electricity and a clean water supply. 

The development, called “Hydralizer”, has been aimed at rural hospitals in India, where proper sterilisation processes are often not performed, leading to unnecessary complications. 

Because Hydralizer requires no electricity or a clean water supply, it can run anywhere. While the development is still only a concept, research suggests that it should work successfully. 

The device will use heat (from a stove or even kerosene lamps) to create steam. The steam will then rise and enter a sterilising container filled with surgical equipment. After this, water can be condensed through a thermostatic trap, where the dirty water would be filtered through carbon charcoal. Once the water is filtered, the difference in water temperature creates enough electricity to run the UV light steriliser. 

The entire cycle can then be repeated again, making it self-sustaining. 

Hydralizer is a finalist for a James Dyson Award and has already won a Spark Design Award in the Fall/Winter Student 2020 Bronze Healthcare Product Innovation Category. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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