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Improving longevity with a personalised AI-powered health data platform

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A health-tech startup is providing concierge plans based on individual data aimed at improving longevity and health span

Spotted: We all want to maximise our health span – the period of our lives when we are healthy – as well as our lifespan. And thanks to health tech innovator Biolytica, we may all soon have access to the techniques normally limited to the super-rich to stay in peak physical shape for longer.

Biolytica has developed a health data platform it calls NEXUS. The artificial-intelligence-driven (AI-driven) platform analyses and aggregates data from genomics, blood, microbiome, and epigenetic biomarkers, wearable devices, and lifestyle data. It is designed to help clinicians create unique and hyper-personalised plans for their clients and monitor their progress.

For individuals, the company also offers AIME, a personalised longevity program based on detailed analysis of genetic information and lifestyle factors. Users have access to Biolytica’s team of longevity experts and receive personalised recommendations and an actionable plan to slow, stop, or postpone ageing processes.

The startup has recently secured a €5.34 million investment from the Maximon Longevity Co-Investment Fund. According to Dr Rob Konrad Maciejewski, CEO and founder of Biolytica, the investment will help the company to “establish [themselves] as the leading data platform for preventive healthcare and longevity and continue to drive innovation in personalised health and wellness.”

Innovations in healthcare are working to deliver better outcomes, including in life expectancy, at a better price and for more people. Springwise has also spotted an at-home kit for personalised food recommendations and the use of AI to eliminate protein allergies.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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