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The knowRX app | Photo source knowRX

App helps patients and doctors keep track of medication

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KnowRX can schedule, monitor and provides information and feedback on drug usage

Spotted: US-based app, KnowRX, helps patients and caregivers keep track of medication dosages and their effectiveness. The platform aims to make it easier for patients to remember to take their medication, as well as monitor and assess its impact.

The app is a consumer-orientated platform that helps patients, doctors and caregivers manage their medication. Its aim is to make it easier for people to stick with their treatment and take the right dosage. The app also helps medical professionals keep track of the medications patients are taking and the possible side effects. 

The app provides the latest information on the medication the patient is using, so doctors can track its effectiveness. KnowRX also helps pharmacists provide better advice and care, giving patients access to counselling, information on treatment compatibility, dietary advice, holistic options, and clinical trial opportunities.

Springwise has spotted a number of innovations that provide better care remotely, like a kit that reminds people to take their medication.

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