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The modular hospitals | Photo source Miniwiz

Modular kits turn unused hospital space into smart healthcare wards

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The wards are easily transported and assembled, and feature self-cleaning walls

Spotted: The circular economy experts and product engineering studio MINIWIZ specialise in transforming post-consumer waste into high-performance materials. Their latest invention, the Modular Adaptable Convertible (MAC) system, upcycles such waste into medical-grade, antiviral, antibacterial treatment rooms.

The MAC wards are lightweight for easy transport and consist of interlocking parts to facilitate rapid assembly. Designed for use almost anywhere, the MAC kits can replace the makeshift hospital wards many healthcare teams have set up to help manage the volumes of COVID-19 patients. The smart features of the new wards directly address many of the challenges that result from working in mobile healthcare units.

Each modular room contains negative air pressure, which helps cool the space and prevent airborne pollutants from reaching healthcare workers. An artificial intelligence monitoring system alerts teams working elsewhere when a patient needs care. The walls are made from recycled plastic bottles and are nano-coated with recycled aluminium. An integrated ultraviolet self-cleaning system works with the aluminium to create the kit’s antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The studio developed the wards with the Taiwan Design Research Institute, the Center For Innovation at Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, and Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. As social distancing remains a necessity in many places, MINIWIZ anticipates using similar technology and builds for businesses in other industries, including restaurants and hotels.

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Written by: Keely Khoury

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