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New antibiotics target drug-resistant infections

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A novel method for producing antibiotics is leading to drugs that can fight antimicrobial-resistant infections

Spotted: The development of antibiotics was something of a miracle cure – but their overuse has resulted in a rising incidence of antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) infections. Research has found that 1.27 million deaths in 2019 resulted directly from AMR infections, with AMR infections playing a role in 4.95 million deaths. And the impacts of drug-resistant infections are predicted to get much worse.

Finding a novel solution to this problem is the goal of Belgium-based Santero Therapeutics. The company was spun out of the Université libre de Bruxelles and the work of its two founders, Professor Abel Garcia-Pino and Professor Cédric Govaerts, who both work in the area of antibiotic resistance.

The company has developed novel bacterial inhibitors, which destroy microbes’ ability to reproduce and/or suppress their growth. Govaerts claims that Santero is expanding its collection of molecules to “establish the true power of our technology.” He adds that the company is close to launching new treatments, saying Santero is, “about to enter hit-to-lead phase on our main indication but are keeping our discovery engine very much alive.”

Aiding the company in its fight against AMR infections is the recent successful closing of an €8 million series A financing, round led by Newton Biocapital. The funding will support the further development of novel antibiotics.

The urgency of finding a solution to antibiotic-resistant infections has led to a number of innovations in this field. Springwise has eagerly spotted some of these developments in the archive, including antibiotics that change shape and plant-based therapies.

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