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Nourished Stacks are based on a monthly subscription | Photo source Get Nourished

British vitamin startup launches the first range of 3D printed, personalised, gummy vitamins for kids

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Each month customers receive a box of 28 personalised vegan gummies that are 3D-,printed according to the specific needs of each child

Spotted:  “Your Child Is Unique… Their Vitamins Should Be Too!” – That is what UK based vitamin producer Nourished thinks when it comes to approaching children’s supplements. The company has recently launched a range of 3D-printed, personalised, high impact, gummy vitamins for kids. 

Nourished Kids are personalised to each child’s needs, according to the answers provided in their online quiz. The questions take into account lifestyle factors such as screen time, diet and level of physical activity, as well as overall health.  

Nourished Stacks are based on a monthly subscription, delivered each month through your letterbox, for £39.99 (€46). Children’s names printed on each individually flow wrapped stack for that added layer of excitement, says Nourished.  

Each box contains 28 vegan gummies that are free from gluten, sugar and artificial flavours and colouring. The gummies come in three fruity flavours: blackcurrant, orange or strawberry – as well as a sweet or sour sugar-free coating, depending on what tickles each child’s taste buds.   

Nourished founder and CEO Melissa Snover said that she designed Nourished Kids with the aim of finding a way to ensure that children get all the nutrients they need, in a fun, interactive format.  

“The inspiration for our new Nourished Kids line comes from the little ones in my own life – my three wonderful step kids. They’re all so different and it really made it clear to me that just like adults, kids need unique and personalised nutrition too. Even more so in some regards, as children can be quite picky when it comes to what they put in their mouths and it can be really hard to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need from diet alone,” Melissa told Lifestyle daily. 

The company also believes that everyone should have access to nutritional support, which is why they have partnered with public health nutrition organisation, Vitamin Angels UK. Vitamin Angels’ UK mission is to eliminate malnutrition and enhance the health of nutritionally disadvantaged pregnant women and children in the United Kingdom. Nourished makes a donation to Vitamin Angels UK for every purchase of Nourished vitamins.  

Every purchase of Nourished Kids is 3D printed fresh-to-order. By using a 3D printing technology and gel encapsulating method, the company says they can incorporate many active chemicals into a single gummy. With the creation of Nourished Kids, the company encapsulates active components so that children’s bodies can digest the vitamins like in any other meal and allow for greater absorption. 

For those environmentally-aware customers, all Nourished packing is  plastic-free and made exclusively from eco-friendly materials. The wrappers are home compostable, the box recyclable – with even the inks and glues used formulated to ensure minimum carbon footprint. Furthermore, 98 per cent of the ingredients used are sourced from the United Kingdom with a zero-single-use plastic manufacturing technique, and by printing to order, there is minimal waste. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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