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Scase's portable diagnostic device | Photo source Scase

Handheld diagnostic device brings care to patients

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The device lets patients and doctors connect and share data at any time

Spotted: During the COVID-19 pandemic patients and doctors faced a dilemma. Doctors were nervous about examining patients for fear of catching the disease, while that same fear dissuaded patients from visiting a clinic. Remote telemonitoring is an obvious way of circumventing the problem, but this solution has long been hampered by a lack of intelligent monitoring systems for the chronically ill and those recovering from trauma. Enter Scase, a Slovakian startup that has developed a portable, point-of-care diagnostic device for remote telemonitoring.

Doctors and nurses can use the device to report symptoms and monitor conditions from within patients’ homes, in field situations, and elsewhere as needed, with data uploaded to a secure online platform. Patients can access their information online and choose to share their data with relevant family members or caregivers. A key benefit of the device is that it can provide baseline information on a patient’s condition quickly, minimising contact with othrs while avoiding trips to the doctors for routine examinations.

The mobile device checks a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, and digitises the medical note-taking process to help providers record data during the appointment. Reducing the need for paper records makes it easier for health teams to provide on-the-go care.

The connected platform also provides reminders for check-ups and medicine routines and enables patients and doctors to communicate and arrange appointments. The prototype device was 3D printed, and the company is currently exploring options for a full production run. The startup is also seeking new partnerships to help expand use of the device.

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Written by: Keely Khoury



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