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Hypertension app helps health teams working offline track patient care

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The app quickly builds up care records, saving time for healthcare professionals working with large numbers of patients

Spotted: The Simple app is easy to use. Designed by Bengaluru-based digital design company Obvious, it enables healthcare workers to operate offline and eases the administrative burden on busy healthcare teams. Many nurses in India see more than 100 patients in a day and often work in areas with low or non-existent internet connectivity.

By working offline, the app allows doctors and nurses to register new patients, quickly find patient records and update details and current blood pressure readings in seconds, as opposed to the four or five minutes currently spent searching for paper records. Data syncs to the secure cloud-based records system when the user accesses a strong internet connection. The app, therefore, doesn’t waste phone battery life by trying to work when connectivity is low. The dashboard makes it easy for clinicians to track individual and broader trends in health and care.

Already available in eight Indian languages and in Bangladesh and Ethiopia, the app is open license and therefore available for free around the world. The development team worked closely with local privacy organisations to ensure relevant data security for each region. Future plans include improving the usability of the app, which was recently Runner Up in the Design for Social Impact Core77 Design Awards 2020.

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Written by: Keely Khoury

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