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Thymia uses a smart video game to help assess mental health | Photo source Thymia

Using smart video games to assess mental health

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The AI-powered system provides an initial assessment before a patient sees a human clinician

Spotted: Today, mental health is more openly discussed in many countries around the world. As a result, people are more likely to be able to access the care they need without the stigma attached to mental health in previous generations. However, much remains to be done to speed up access to mental health care and achieve full acceptance of the broad range of neurodiversity in the world.

Technology is increasingly helping clinicians make the most of the time they have with patients, allowing them to prioritise face-to-face engagment during an appointment rather than filling out forms and completing standardised tests. Now, healthcare startup Thymia is using smart video games based on neuropsychology to monitor speech patterns, facial expressions, and response times. These measurements form the basis of an initial, online, artificial intelligence (AI) powered assessment.

After the assessment, patients meet with clinicians to complete a diagnosis and create a care plan. While between appointments, patients can use Thymia to regularly record their symptoms and results, building up a much richer, more detailed understanding of an individual’s patterns and tendencies.

The Thymia team emphasises its commitment to data protection and privacy and commits to following the AI safety and ethics guidelines created by the Alan Turing Institute. The company is currently seeking clinical partners with which to pilot the programme.

Innovation in mental health care is an important area of development, and Springwise has recently spotted an app that estimates psychological age, as well as app-based therapy tackling the high demand for services.

Written by: Keely Khoury

Mental health is a complex issue, and those in need of urgent help can find information about the services available on the United for Global Mental Health website.



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