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The foot pedals | Photo source Screenshot from Reuters footage

Elevators replace buttons with foot pedals to avoid virus spread

Health & Wellbeing

The foot pedals are one of several changes a Thai mall has made to help shoppers stay safe and socially-distanced

Spotted: As lockdowns start to ease in some areas of the world, businesses are revealing some of the innovative ways they are supporting their customers and local communities in returning safely to public spaces. In Thailand, the Seacon Square mall in Bangkok has introduced elevator foot pedals, which allow visitors to call the elevator and choose a destination level without pushing anything by hand.

The foot pedals are inside each elevator and outside each entrance and are only one of a number of new social distancing and safety measures in place throughout the mall. Citizens began returning to public spaces in late May 2020, and shoppers complete health screenings before entering. Hand sanitisers have been installed throughout, social distancing markers have been placed on the floor of each elevator, and tables in the food court have been separated to provide for the required distance between diners.  

As communities begin to come to terms with the requirement to mingle while remaining socially distant, a range of innovations is helping to make that happen. Some recent projects spotted by Springwise include flexible train interiors that allow for more bikes on board and plexiglass cones that cover each restaurant diner, keeping them safe whilst close together.

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